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 of ukrainian & world product markets

Metal industry (Ukrainian market)
Reference metal products prices in Ukraine and Russia   (01.12.2017)
Average metal products reference prices in Ukraine and Russia   (28.11.2011)
Metal products, referenced prices in Ukraine   (28.11.2011)

Metal industry (Foreign market)
Export of steel scrap, referenced prices, USD/mt   (26.02.2018)
Rolled metal products import reference prices, USD/mt, DAF Ukrainian border   (01.12.2017)
Export of goods from non-ferrous metals, referenced prices, FCA Ukraine cities   (29.09.2016)
Reference metal products prices in Ukraine and Russia   (28.11.2012)
Metallurgical products export reference prices, FOB - ports of Ukraine*   (29.05.2009)
List of minimum indicative prices on some metal products which are exported from Ukraine, FOB ports of Ukraine   (01.08.2008)

Metal industry (World market)
Iron-and-steel scrap, prices on world markets   (04.09.2018)
Aluminum alloys, prices on european market   (30.08.2018)
Ferroalloys, free market prices   (30.08.2018)
Non-ferrous metals scrap, european free matket prices (CIF Rotterdam)   (30.08.2018)
Alloyed steel products, prices on world markets   (01.11.2017)
Copper alloy, prices on european market   (02.10.2017)
Non-ferrous metals, world prices, USD/mt   (27.12.2011)
Export of metal products from Latin America, referenced prices, FOB   (29.11.2011)
Export of metal products from Turkey, referenced prices, FOB   (29.11.2011)
Import of metal products in USA, referenced prices, CIF   (29.11.2011)
Reference metellurgical products prices in EU countries   (29.11.2011)
Export of metal products from EU, referenced prices, FOB   (27.01.2010)
Metal products, referenced prices in Russia   (27.01.2010)
Import of metal products in Southwest Asia, referenced prices, CIF (main China ports)   (03.10.2007)
Alloyed steel scrap, prices on world markets   (29.12.2006)
Freight rates, Black Sea - Mediterranean Sea, USD/mt   (01.08.2006)

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