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 of ukrainian & world product markets

World market (Agriculture and food industry)
Cacao, world prices   (14.09.2018)
Nuts, world prices, Physicals, USD/   (14.09.2018)
World dried fruit and honey prices   (14.09.2018)
World tea prices   (02.10.2017)
World juices prices   (03.10.2016)
Sugar industry goods, world prices, USD/mt   (28.08.2015)
Grain, world prices, USD per mt   (30.11.2011)
Oilseeds and its processing products, USD/MT   (30.11.2011)
Sugar, average wholesale prices in Russia, USD/mt (VAT included)   (10.09.2009)
Fish and seafoods, european prices   (01.07.2006)

World market (Energy resources)
Crude oil, world prices   (29.08.2018)
Oil products, prices in Europe, USD/mt   (29.08.2018)
Oil products, referenced prices on Russian domestic market   (30.05.2018)
Prices for oil products from oil-production enterprises in Russia   (03.01.2018)
Liquefied gas, world prices   (31.10.2016)
Petrochemical products, world prices   (29.04.2010)
Fuel, average consumer prices on filling stations abroad, USD/litr   (31.03.2009)
Fuels and lubricants, prices of main Russian petroleum refineries   (04.05.2007)
Oil products, referenced prices of main Russian petroleum refineries   (01.06.2005)

World market (Metal industry)
Iron-and-steel scrap, prices on world markets   (04.09.2018)
Aluminum alloys, prices on european market   (30.08.2018)
Ferroalloys, free market prices   (30.08.2018)
Non-ferrous metals scrap, european free matket prices (CIF Rotterdam)   (30.08.2018)
Alloyed steel products, prices on world markets   (01.11.2017)
Copper alloy, prices on european market   (02.10.2017)
Non-ferrous metals, world prices, USD/mt   (27.12.2011)
Export of metal products from Latin America, referenced prices, FOB   (29.11.2011)
Export of metal products from Turkey, referenced prices, FOB   (29.11.2011)
Import of metal products in USA, referenced prices, CIF   (29.11.2011)
Reference metellurgical products prices in EU countries   (29.11.2011)
Export of metal products from EU, referenced prices, FOB   (27.01.2010)
Metal products, referenced prices in Russia   (27.01.2010)
Import of metal products in Southwest Asia, referenced prices, CIF (main China ports)   (03.10.2007)
Alloyed steel scrap, prices on world markets   (29.12.2006)
Freight rates, Black Sea - Mediterranean Sea, USD/mt   (01.08.2006)

World market (Chemical indystry)
Mineral fertilizers, world prices   (02.03.2015)
Chinese crop-protection agents prices at import to Ukraine, $/kg, FOB - China   (30.11.2011)

World market (Mineral resources)
Ores and concentrate from metals, prices in Western Europe   (26.04.2017)
Nonmetal minerals, world prices   (30.06.2016)
Aluminium oxide, prices on world markets   (28.10.2011)
blast-furnace coke, announced prices of Russian producers   (10.09.2009)
Coke, prices on world markets   (04.04.2007)
Iron ore products, announced prices of Russian producers   (29.12.2006)
Export of iron ore products to Europe, US cents/DMTU   (03.10.2005)
Export of iron ore products to Japan, US cents/DMTU   (03.10.2005)

World market (Chemistry and petrochemistry)
Products of chemical and petrochemical industry, european price level   (05.03.2018)

World market (Forestry industry)
Sawn goods prices, EUR/m3   (29.01.2018)
Veneer, world prices, USD/m3   (29.01.2018)
World boards prices, EUR/m3   (29.01.2018)
World pallet prices   (29.01.2018)
Sawn goods prices   (22.02.2013)
Veneer, world prices   (22.02.2013)
World boards prices   (22.02.2013)
World window frame bars prices   (23.08.2012)
World parquet board prices   (26.12.2011)
Clipboard/MDF world prices    (15.02.2010)
Paper products, world prices   (15.02.2010)
Wood products, world prices   (15.02.2010)
World veneer prices   (15.02.2010)
OSB   (10.09.2009)
World BSH beam prices   (10.09.2009)
World suttering boards prices   (10.09.2009)
Laminated broadleaf wood boards prices on world market    (12.03.2009)
World clipboard prices   (13.02.2009)
Desk from laminated conifers wood, world prices   (08.01.2009)
World KVH beam prices   (08.01.2009)
Dynamics of world raw wood prices   (05.03.2008)
Veneer (types), world prices   (03.10.2005)
Structure of German woodworking industry, thousands EURO   (01.10.2005)
EOS: forecast of conifers market, 1000 m3   (01.07.2005)
MDF/HDF, prices in Central Europe (spot deals)   (01.07.2005)

World market (Construction materials)
Construction materials world prices, USD/t   (30.12.2016)

World market (Export/import prices (Customs Service))

World market (Foreign trade structure)

World market (Industrial goods)

World market (Pharmaceutical products)

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